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Hair in pregnancy

Pregnancy is a particularly sensitive time for women. So many are the joys, but also the worries that can arise. A new life is growing, and the first thought is about the baby.
From an aesthetic point of view, what happens to the hair? Can hair be dyed during pregnancy? Can it be colored? Why does it fall out especially during breastfeeding?
So many are the questions for the new mother. Let’s try to understand them together.

Pregnancy: what happens to hair?

IHormonal changes during the course of pregnancy affect the health of the hair. Thinning hair may occur in some cases, but generally the hair appears much brighter and more radiant. This is due to the role of estrogen, the levels of which increase during gestation.
The situation changes considerably in the postpartum period when estrogen levels decrease and therefore hair loss may occur, especially during the breastfeefing period.

Hair care during pregnancy

Precisely because hair during gestation is always thicker, brighter and shinier, for the routine at home, just choose excellent cleansers and conditioners, especially moisturizing products or in case of colored hair, reviving and shining (Olea color monoi).
In the postpartum period, on the other hand, it is best to opt for deep reconstruction and energizing products.

Hair coloring: dyes in pregnancy

Can you color your hair during pregnancy? This is one of the most frequently asked questions for the new mother.
Doubt more than ever, since the skin is not impermeable.
No risks to the fetus related to the use of hair dyes have been reported in the scientific literature. However, it is necessary to always seek medical advice and follow certain precautions without fear of harming the baby:

  • choose products that are gentle and free of certain substances such as resorcinol, ammonia and PPD (paraphenylenediamine) such as our Olea Color
  • color your hair no more than once a month, preferably starting from the fourth month of gestation; in fact, the first trimester is always the most delicate one
  • decrease the laying time
  • prefer light oxidation coloring

Hair loss in pregnancy

Why does one lose hair? A topic we have already addressed, especially why do we lose hair after pregnancy? The decrease in estrogen is the major cause associated, in nursing mothers, with the increase in prolactin, a hormone that weakens hair.
The situation usually improves on its own within a few weeks or after the period.

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