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Discover the Curly Method

You hear more and more about the Curly Method: it sounds like a very complicated hair treatment, but in reality it is very simple, it is just a matter of following a few little tricks to achieve defined curls. Let’s take a look at what it’s all about.

What the Curly Girl Method is and how it is born

Do you know shiny, well-defined and healthy curls? You can get it with the Curly Method! A method that originated from the publication of a book. In 2001, the enterprising American hairdresser Lorraine Massey published Curly Girl: The Handbook. The book is a real handbook, full of pictures, almost a tutorial offering lots of tips on how to comb, wash and take care of curly hair. Indeed, managing curly hair is certainly not easy and requires many skills that cannot be improvised. The manual met with considerable success and was taken as a reference point for the Curly Girl Method, also known as the Curly Method. Through this method, the uniqueness and beauty of curly hair is re-evaluated as opposed to the predominance and trend towards straightening treatments. Lorraine Massey’s professional success also takes a social turn in enhancing black pride. Many African American women have completely different hair care needs from white women – the main communication target of the big brands on the market – and have often been ignored by the market, even though they needed specific products.

How to have perfect curls with the Curly Method

The method is aimed at people with naturally curly and also wavy hair: this hair type is more sensitive and needs more care. The method involves treating naturally curly hair with the aim of

  • treat them gently, avoiding damage to the cuticle
  • keep it moisturiszed at all times, as curly hair is more prone to dryness
  • accentuate one’s natural curl type

The Curly method is not that complicated, but consists of a series of tips, which those with curly hair often already know and put into practice. Here are a few tips to enhance the natural curl and have tidy, more beautiful and natural hair even on special occasions. In fact, the curl is so special that you need to enhance it and know how to manage it, without necessarily having to resort to straightening treatments, even losing some of its uniqueness.

A few tips

Let’s review them based on the Curly Method:

  • Carry out gentle washes with specific products
  • Comb wet hair with a wide-tooth comb
  • Do not brush and especially do not brush dry hair
  • Do not dab and rub, but gently hold hair inside a cloth from the bottom upwards before drying
  • Prepare the hair for drying by giving it the right shape you want to achieve
  • Drying: without a doubt with a diffuser at low temperature and low speed, keeping the diffuser not too close to the curl
  • Getting rid of irons and hair straighteners
  • Use your fingers to spread the product through your hair, better to gather your hair in the palm of your hand, curling it from the bottom upwards
  • Keep hair hydrated, well nourished and defined with the right products


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Curly hair care products

Wash hair with specific shampoos for curly hair or nourishing shampoos. Always use a specific curly hair conditioner or nourishing mask. It is essential that curly hair is always well nourished and moisturized to avoid frizz and have soft, defined curls. Before drying, use a styling cream with hold on wet hair to define the curl. To maintain the curl in the days after washing, use an oil-free or light mousse. A leave-in is also recommended to control frizz.

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