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la corretta pulizia del cuoio capelluto

Our tips for proper scalp cleansing

Who doesn’t want to have healthy, shiny hair? One of the most frequent beauty routines is just taking care of your hair. Be careful, however, do not to forget the scalp! To have strong and healthy hair, it is necessary to start from the root.
So here are a few tips to take care of the scalp and avoid unpleasant feelings of dull hair due to the presence of grease, sebum, oil or uncomfortable itching in the presence of irritable skin and dandruff.

A healthy scalp

Lack of hydration, excess grease, dirt, hormonal imbalances, improper diet: these are just some of the causes that can alter the balance of the scalp and cause hyperhidrosis, oily hair or hair with dandruff.
Therefore, to have healthy and strong hair, it is essential to literally start from the root and take care of the scalp with good cleansing. Through cleansing one can rid the scalp of substances that could impair its proper functioning such as excess sebum under the scalp, toxins, impurities and dead cells. All of these substances are in fact deposited in the hair follicle-the sac inside the skin that contains the hair-suffocating it. Hair becomes brittle, weakens and breaks.

Tips for proper scalp cleansing

Proper scalp cleansing can start with a peel or scrub of the skin done quite frequently, at least once a month if not every 15 days depending on the period. For more complex cases even once a week. In addition, specific shampoos, preparations and lotions should be combined according to the type of problem.
Cleansing should be accompanied by a gentle scalp massage to let the product penetrate and act. Then a thorough rinsing is recommended.
If scalp intoxication occurs when the level is already high, it is necessary to proceed with a cadenced cleaning of the skin to thoroughly rid it of all impurities. To prevent intoxication it is necessary to schedule cleaning at least once a month.

The products needed for scalp cleansing.

There are scrub and clay-based products (such as our Phitocomplex balancing mask) that are specifically designed for peeling. You have to apply them only on the scalp and rinse well. We also recommend the use of the Phitocomplex detox remedy, which serves precisely to deeply cleanse the skin of impurities and prepare it for subsequent treatments-the feeling of relief is immediate. Application is quick and easy: just massage the preparation into the skin (even in the shower) before shampooing and rinse thoroughly.
For each type of skin problem (dandruff, excess sebum, grease, etc.) there are specific shampoos and lotions from the Phitocomplex line.

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